The Woman Who is Always Tan-Lisa Perry, Lauren Allison


What a great idea to have women who are having hot flashes used by the Department of Energy to heat cities around the U.S.! I laughed until I hurt!
-Carla T.


Your seminar showed me the importance of being happy right now. And so, so funny!
-Ricki T.



Lauren Allison and Lisa Perry have been entertaining businesses, associations and women's groups for years through their self-deprecating, laugh-out loud descriptions of how they fail to keep up with the Joneses.

In 2005, balancing playful humor, sharp wit, and the intricate art of storytelling, Lauren and Lisa published The Woman Who Is Always Tan And Has A Flat Stomach (And Other Annoying People) which pokes fun at the idiosyncrasies we all share, and won awards in the categories of "Humor" and "Best Title" from the Colorado Independent Publishing Association. They have appeared on television and radio programs across the country.

In 2006, Grand Central Publishing purchased the rights to The Woman Who Is Always Tan, and it was released on March 6, 2008.

Lisa Perry, Psy.D. and Lauren Allison, B.A.

Lisa Perry has been a practicing clinical psychologist for the past 18 years. Because she is also well-known as a humorist, she presents entertaining and informative seminars on Humor and Creativity to women's groups, businesses and corporations.
Lauren Allison received her B. A. degree, and as a successful businesswoman, offers years of experience in speaking to businesses, groups and organizations. In 2003, Lauren and Lisa teamed up to provide entertaining seminars to women's organizations around the country.

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