"For less-than-perfect women who've had enough of Martha's endless projects, Perry and Allison may be an entertaining antidote." ~ Publishers Weekly

"Lauren Allison and Lisa Perry have created a delicious masterpiece! Every woman knows a perfect woman who drives us nuts. Now you've got the whipped cream and cherry to top her off! Have a bite and buy a copy for a friend, too!" ~ Dr. Judith Briles, author of Woman to Woman.

"Confirmed grumps look away now, this is the best laugh-out-loud funny piece of satire you are likely to come across and what’s more, it pokes fun at those incredibly annoying “perfect” people everyone secretly hates."
~ MonstersandCritics.com

"Lauren Allison and Lisa Perry have written the ultimate book to help imperfect parents feel normal - The Woman Who Is Always Tan And Has a Flat Stomach: And Other Annoying People. Have you ever felt like the only woman who doesn’t knit? Have you ever wanted to thwack your husband on the head for obsessive video camera use? Have you ever felt intimidated by the homes that are decorated for every holiday? Have you ever needed an antidote to the Martha Stewart factor in suburbia? Don’t worry - The Woman Who Is Always Tan And Has a Flat Stomach: And Other Annoying People is here for you! " ~ Read more
~ A Gaggle of Book Reviews

"A lively, fun, yet compelling read." ~ Cassandra King, author of The Sunday Wife

"Lauren Allison and Lisa Perry have written a book that all of us 'normal' women will love" ~Jane London, The Dom and Jane Show Denver Radio Mix 100

"This is truly one of the funniest books I have ever read!" ~ Amy Oliver, The Amy Oliver Show KFKA Radio

"This selection of essay-style stories will have women and even men laughing out loud....." ~ Marie D. Jones for "Curled Up With a Good Kid's Book

"Need to laugh out loud? This book has a humorous look at everyone" ~ Jenny Salyers for Armchair Interviews

"The authors use an appealing mix of hyperbole and self-deprecating humor, and the result is an enjoyable, laugh-out-loud funny book" ~ Mom Central

"Need something sweet and frothy to take to the hospital (sometimes deliveries take longer than you think) or to tote along with you on the school run? I recommend The Woman Who is Always Tan and Has a Flat Stomach by Lauren Allison and Lisa Perry. These gals take aim at the crazy moms in our midst---from the perfect brownie troop leader to the competitive hostesses among in our midst." ~ Mom Trends.com

Top Mommy blog Empty-Boxes.com raves "One of those great little books that you can snatch up when you need a quick laugh, and not be lost when you eventually come back for more."

"I have to get this one, for I am MARRIED to The Husband Who Has a Cold but Believes It’s Malaria! ~ Brooke Patrick

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