The Woman Who is Always Tan-Lisa Perry, Lauren Allison

"What a great idea to have women who are having hot flashes used by the Department of Energy to heat cities around the U.S.! I laughed until I hurt!"
~ Carla T.

"What a great time I had! You were wonderful." ~ Kristen B.

"Excellent! Funny! It taught me strategies for not getting so upset with everyday occurrences."~ Beverly F.

"Very good! Funny! It helped me in accepting people for who they are, especially me!" ~ Lena L.

"I laughed myself sick! Very funny!" ~ DeAnna W.

"You showed me how to quit trying to keep up with my neighbor who always has dinner made by 10 am!" ~ Michelle E.

"Funny, funny, funny! You showed me new ways to see myself." ~ Maria B.

"Excellent! Your seminar was useful in showing me how to lower my standards - what a great way to achieve happiness!" ~-Barb W.

"Excellent! Funny! I loved the whole thing!" ~ Susan T.

"Fabulous humor! You gave me very good reminders of how to achieve balance in my life." ~ Donna B.

"The seminar gave excellent information. Very funny!" ~ Brenda N.

"Your seminar showed me the importance of being happy right now. And so, so funny!" ~ Ricki T.

"The best seminar I've attended in years. Hilarious." ~ Julie H.

Note: We have obtained permission to use these comments from previous seminar participants.

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