The Woman Who is Always Tan-Lisa Perry, Lauren Allison



Enjoyable and informative! I'm so glad I'm not the only one with the husband who won't ever paint over wood! ~ -Patricia J.


You showed me how to quit trying to keep up with my neighbor who always has dinner made by 10 am! ~ Michelle E.


Fabulous humor! You gave me very good reminders of how to achieve balance in my life. ~ Donna B.


Your seminar showed me the importance of being happy right now. And so, so funny!
-Ricki T.


I laughed myself sick! Very funny! ~ DeAnna W.


Laugh Therapy For Everyday Women
presented by Lisa Perry, Psy.D. and Lauren Allison, B.A.

Lauren and Lisa believe women are already too motivated and perfect, that's why they give only non-motivational seminars. For an hour of laugh-a-minute comedy, they'll teach you how to stop the endless striving to do more and be more, and instead celebrate kicking back and slacking off. Stop the mental messages that you aren't a good person if you don't clean out your own rain gutters with a Clorox solution followed by a spritz of lemon! The road to happiness is filled with people who don't mix up being happy with doing happy. For women, contentment is often connected to what they've accomplished in a day.

Lauren and Lisa will point out life lessons which teach you to be happy in the midst of unmade beds, unwritten letters and Christmas cards, and the fact that you never got around to throwing the perfect Cinderella birthday party for your daughter by digging a moat around the house. Enough of this madness!

Seminars include:

1) Achieving Happiness By Lowering Your Standards:
Coping with the Woman Who Is Always Tan and Has A Flat Stomach

We all know her, she's "practically perfect in every way", and to contrast her many talents…there's you. It's a trap many women fall into, from the stay-at-home mom who envies the decorative abilities of her neighbor, to the executive who is constantly amazed at a fellow worker's ability to maintain a flawless tan and perfectly flat stomach. Self-acceptance is key to a contented life, and we discuss the futility of solely basing self-worth on external appearance or how much you get done in a day to accepting the larger scheme of who you are.

2) When Your Husband Thinks Your Home is the Hilton & You Are the Concierge:
Understanding the Male Brain Structure

Your significant other can be the biggest source of frustration in your life. And though we love him dearly and he was perfect when we first met, somehow he has become incapable of even the most basic of requests. With Dr. Perry's background in neuropsychology, we provide a user-friendly analysis of the male brain structure, and you will leave with a comprehensive understanding of why your mate is 1) unable to find the salt, the clean towels, or any of your kids; and 2) why he never wants to open the refrigerator door because that would be wasting energy.

3) What? I Thought You Were Bringing the Turkey!
Getting Through the Holidays Without Increasing Your Prozac

The holiday season can be a stress-nightmare for most women. Regardless of your economic, ethnic or religious background, the standards set for a Currier & Ives holiday can be mentally excruciating. With this in mind, we assist women with getting through the holidays. This presentation unveils the myths surrounding what the perfect holiday should be and focuses on making the holidays special for you (or not).

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